We all try to maximize revenue with our resources, and marketing keeps the entire engine fresh with new promotional channels to reach new leads. Managing those new channels and keeping these leads interested require new practices and even new technologies. Z3 assists you in finding your way in this Digital Marketing jungle.

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Selling is the pure essence of every business. Nowadays, the internet allows us to reach out worldwide but so does the competition. Selling is no longer a task face-2-face but can be done anywhere and anytime. Managing these opportunities efficiently require more than a MOLESKINE notebook. CRM, Lead Scoring, and Sales Pipeline are only a few terms we should understand today to manage sales in the 21 century.

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Customer Service

We buy from businesses who not only have good products and appropriate pricing, but from companies that treat us well. We expect more than just what we purchased, whether it is information, support, warrantees or troubleshooting assistance. When we pay, we are not only paying for the product but for the services that come with it.

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The Exhibitor's most Powerful Software Suite to digitally manage Exhibition Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Operations! Learn how to revolutionise your industry and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
Exhibitions deserve the right attention before, during and after the show. We have studied international best practices for years and developed a tool allowing you to professionally attract your leads and customers, amaze them with unique show tools and follow up so no opportunity is left forgotten. With a complete and flexible CRM, a unique appointment calendar and high end online marketing and sales automation tools, your contacts will soon realise why you are on top of your competition. Read more …
Your One-Stop-Shop for exhibit success on a global scale through international exhibitions and congresses. From planning to realisation, build up to break down, chairs to led screens, we are here to make it happen.
Meeting your contacts in person is still as important today as it was before all the fast paced technological developments. Your presentation matters, as this provides potential clients a first insight into your company. You need to be able to attract the right people with the right booth and services. Not sure where to start? We are here to make all of this happen so you can focus on what really matters to you…MAKE BUSINESS. Read more …