We buy from businesses who not only have good products and appropriate pricing, but from companies that treat us well. We expect more than just what we purchased, whether it is information, support, warrantees or troubleshooting assistance. When we pay, we are not only paying for the product but for the services that come with it.

Live Chat for immediate communication

You want to be available when a customer shows interest in your offering. With all this content and product jungle on the internet, every internaut can not only find but usually chose from various suppliers. It is not the biggest who closes the deal, but the fastest. These days, a lot of communication can be automated but interacting personally with a contact adds special value to any relationship due to the fact that people still want to meet people to trust them. Live Chat service offers exactly that…a speedy way for any contact to reach out to you, while giving you the opportunity to show that you care and can provide answers to their questions. Highly underestimated but extremely powerful is our cloud solution with Olark integration.


Surveys to show you are interest in your contacts feedback: Instead of just broadcasting messages without knowing what people want, how about asking them with a simple survey? You have the opportunity to use free tools like Survey Monkey but how about adding points to the CRM to define the importance of answers or automatically trigger workflows to inform your staff when someone chooses a specific answer? Surveys are not only boring solutions to collect answers, but the opportunity to engage with your contacts, leads and customers.

Ticketing to show professional support

Some interaction is not urgent but should not get lost in all of the Email traffic and be handled with special attention. Leads and customers hate to be ignored, and a solid Support Ticketing solution ensures that nobody gets forgotten. If it does, the right people are informed, so nobody gets lost.

Learning Platform to certify customers and staff

Combining our Wiki knowledge base tool and Survey features, we can offer a very cost efficient platform to teach, test, grade or certify your customers or staff, which allows you to reach new levels of understanding of your products or operation. All are feeding the CRM with valuable information on your best performing contacts.

Web Analytics, Tracking, Statistics and Reporting

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and improving the effectiveness of a website. Over 122 billion emails are sent every hour, and more than half of them are related to email marketing. Many of these marketing emails are highly ineffective, ending up filtered by spam filtration, or deleted by users. If your business is running email-marketing campaigns, and you are reading this, you are probably wondering how you can measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Project Management

Project Management to meet expectations or milestones on time: Project management is one of the critical processes of any project. This is due to the fact that project management is the core process that connects all other project activities and processes together. The five main project management processes are: Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Control and Validation, and Closeout and Evaluation.

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