We all try to maximize revenue with our resources, and marketing keeps the entire engine fresh with new promotional channels to reach new leads. Managing those new channels and keeping these leads interested require new practices and even new technologies. Z3 assists you in finding your way in this Digital Marketing jungle.

Google Analytics to understand your actual traffic

We assist in understanding your present traffic. If you do not have Google Analytics installed yet, we can assist you. If you have it installed, but you are not using it, let us simplify and automate the reporting, so you are regularly updated in knowing whether all your marketing efforts bring results. We are certified Google Analytics professionals and strongly support the use of this free but very useful tool. Apply for a free 30 minute Google Analytics session (worth EUR 99.-)


Advertise your exhibition participation: Modern advertising provides a range of new and powerful tools to help you generate traffic, attract leads and cross- or upsell new products to clients. Our team of professionals is experienced in running integrated advertising campaigns, which involve online and conventional offline advertising. Apply for a free 30-minute advertising overview phone call (worth EUR 99.-)

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing to compensate others to mention your company or your products: One of the most important marketing tools available today for marketing products and services online is affiliate marketing practices. You appreciate other portals from partners or affiliates to lead professionals to your exhibit and keep a good overview of results achieved.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing to communicate what visitors are interested in: Within the online marketing world, there has been a big hype on this subject, but it describes a logically and simple effort to write, design, or record content that is presented to an audience interested in it. Participating at a show is expensive. Spending a lot on a booth without a clear message and materials is like going to a show without a real goal. You have nothing really to say, so why bother. Content Marketing will help you define your key message and reasons why you expect people to come to your show, visit your booth and spend some time there.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is crucial: Email Marketing might be an old tool to communicate with your audience, but there is still no more productive digital communicational tool providing results. This is mainly due to everyone being accustomed to Emails, so accepted it as being simply part of the business. Still, many companies do not practice Email broadcasts, Autoresponders, Drip Campaigns and related reports. Without being proficient with Emails, you simply will not be engaging with the majority of your contacts, whatever your business is. Apply for a free 30-minute Email Marketing session (worth EUR 99.-)

Event Marketing

Event Marketing is key to succeed at exhibitions: Inviting people to your booth, letting them book a timeslot for a meeting with your booth staff, offering lunch options or little cocktails in the evening, Event Marketing helps you to know in advance who is interested and what they are interested in. Why wait until the last moment when you can get feedback earlier? Apply for a free 30-minute Event Marketing session (worth EUR 99.-)

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing for your list of contacts. The term was brought to life by HubSpot, a Marketing Automation Solution, and describes how Content Marketing should be applied to nurture your contacts with valuable information, so their interest in your offering grows and also their engagement with you. It is a relationship building process, so your contacts trust you and become leads and customers. Apply for a free 30-minute Inbound Marketing session (worth EUR 99.-)

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation puts your Marketing on autopilot!: Managing your digital marketing activities in one single system will help to simplify the process of logic actions and measuring reactions. Collected data feeds the CRM and triggers further actions such as sending out another Email, SMS, triggering workflows or customising content so that your contact can see that you care about them. Manually performing all required tasks leads to constant capacity issues due to the fact that your staff have productivity limitations, while such systems don’t. Apply for a free 30-minute Marketing Automation session (worth EUR 99.-)

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing means “You are in your contacts pocket!”: Starting with the lack of website responsiveness to mobile requirements set by Google, to the headache of learning to send out mass SMS or notifications. Mobile Marketing is growing fast and is especially useful during the show, where people are not sitting in their office in front of a computer. Apply for a free 30-minute Marketing Automation session (worth EUR 99.-)

Social Media Marketing

Social Media & Network Marketing: Booming for years now with valuations that go beyond history stock market dinosaurs, social media offers new ways to communicate with our audience. You only communicate with the people who want to hear about you. But the question of when and what to communicate, and on which platform is not being managed by the majority of businesses. A social media plan needs to be prepared before, during and after an exhibition. It allows you to monitor reactions and provides the opportunity to be shared and reach a new audience outside of your direct reach. Social Media Plans for exhibitors are crucial if you want to measure people’s interest in your content. Plans may be programmed and scheduled, so you have a real communicational concept with set targets. Last minute management usually leads to failures. Apply for a free 30 minute Social Media Marketing session (worth EUR 99.-)

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing rapidly multiplies opportunities: Have you ever dreamed of a message that is so inspiring and loaded with valuable content, that people forward the message further? Viral Marketing is the ultimate achievement, the Nobel price or Academy Award for outstanding marketing. This should be the goal of any communication agency and can make the difference in spreading your brand or products.

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